Oh my wow!

Oh my wow!!

Have you ever wanted something so bad that it consumed every minute of every day? Well, I did, it actually consumed 577 days, and thousands of minutes.

The dream actually happened, it became a reality. The last 19 months have tested me In so many ways, it’s tested my marriage, it’s tested my mommy role, it’s tested my friendships and even tested my faith BUT, heres the beauty.. it made it STRONGER! It gave me the validation that I really needed, it reminded me that HE made this happen, it reminded me of my faith in HIM. And there it was, 19 months of work, and it finally paid off. We are open, well officially Monday but you get the point.
I promised myself that I would embrace every step. What I didn’t know is that every step would put me in different emotions, sometimes I think I went through five emotions in one day?!?! The smallest thing would excite me to have uncontrollable happy tears, and then moments later another small
Thing would have me just going on a rampage! I felt like I was losing my mind at times, and honestly even thought to myself, “ What In the world are you doing Candace”! Then I would scroll across something, or have a conversation with someone that would once again, give me the validation I needed. So I continued to push through. And oh my wow, am I glad I did!!
From watching them, dig the hole
For the elevator shaft, stacking the concrete for what everyone called “The tower” aka the elevator lol, putting up the frame, pouring concrete for the trusses , adding the steel beams, getting the windows installed, finally having a roof, watching them pump the concrete for the floor, meeting with electricians, watching the puzzle being completed with the electrical work, waiting to have running water, getting a gas meter, approval from fire marshal, inspections upon inspections and permits upon permits.
Then comes finding the right lighting, picking out wall decor, stocking the shelf, making it feel
Cozy but yet professional , don’t forget to stamp the bags, fold the shirts, we need chapstick labels!!
Are you really doing the hearts ? Do we have enough color? Should we get more shampoo? Is the computer working? Wait, What was that password again? Are we ready for this? Can we do this? Oh my wow, it’s happening!!

As I sit in the lobby room chair and just look back at the white subway tile wall, (almost identical to a image I pinned 4 years ago) I shrug my shoulders, shake my head and just cry. Like a good cry, a cry of happy tears. Y’all, it’s finally actually really happening. I joked around and said that once it was ready I was going to blast it on the biggest billboard I could find, well Grayson doesn’t have billboards LOL so I just ask each of you to be my billboards. Whether it be by wearing a shirt with the logo, sharing the post on IG and Facebook, or by making sure your hair is on point at all times!

From the very bottom of my heart I want to say a big THANK YOU! Thank you for following my dream, for believing in me and encouraging me along the way. Thank you for each “like”, comment and share. Those things help this small
Business owner a lot!

Oh my wow, did I say small Business owner?!?!

Y’all! That’s me 💜

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