A Season Of Unsureness


Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Three years… for three years I have acted out this verse. Did I grow weary at times? Of course! Did I fail him at times? Of course! But did I give up? NO!

You see, it was about three years ago that my family went through a season of unsureness. We thought we had everything planned out —jobs, kids, church, schooling, etc. — we had a plan, and we thought our plan was pretty darn good. During that uncertain time, which I have now come to laugh at, but at the time I cried about, God came in and just shook everything up for us. Not knowing at the time what he was really preparing us for, I look back on it all now, and all I can say is WOW!!!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard it a million times — be patient, trust in HIM, His timing is best. And as cliché as that may sound at times, it’s undeniably true.

It has been an absolute blessing to our family that I have been able to work from home for the last 10 years. I am so grateful for that. As my three girls get older, they not only age, but they get more expensive! Can I get an amen?? This brought about a discussion for me and my husband. So Kyle and I sat and talked about what our plans were and what would be good for our family as a whole. I always felt as though I had pretty good leadership skills, and I knew that I wanted to take on some type of leadership role. I felt as though God we’re leading me to the next right step. I didn’t know if it was going to be working at a church, opening up a gym, or continuing to do hair. There was just a lot of unknowns.

Of course, like we all do (especially as females), I would vent to my closest friends about problems, insecurities, and just the unknown. I am a super lucky girl when it comes to having incredible friends. I remember having a phone call one afternoon with my best friend, crying to her like a little baby with things that were going on in my life at that time (again this season of unsureness), and she sat and listened so well like she always has during our nearly 20-year long friendship. She asked me, “Have you prayed about it?” I responded with, “Yeah, of course.” She said in a somewhat contemplative voice, “But have you really prayed about it?” It took me a few seconds to really process that, because while I do talk to Him daily, and I do express the desires of my heart to Him, had I really prayed about it enough? Had I prayed circles around it? Had I really wanted to know what He wanted for me? What He thought was best for my family? And I suddenly realized that I had not done that, not at all.

So it began, three long years of praying. During those three years, at times I felt like He wasn’t even listening to me. I thought to myself there’s so much other stuff going on the world that He couldn’t possibly be concerned with my little prayer about what to do with my life. Honestly though, it was probably a good 18 months into this prayer until I felt like He finally gave me something. I don’t think I ever acted on something so quick in my life LOL. I spent a few months looking into options, and felt like my heart was being led to a specific purpose. I continued to pray. There were a few other doors (really windows) that opened but quickly shut. Then about a year ago from today, I heard Him so loudly, like I never really had before. I again acted really quick — I made a phone call and was instantly shut down. Feeling more confused than I ever had during this three-year long prayer request, I finally just stopped, not stopped talking to Him and praying to Him, but just sat and stopped everywhere else in my life. I learned to get a little more quiet with Him.  Sitting in my brown recliner every afternoon before my girls came home from school, I would just sit and talk to him as if he were right in front of me. It was 33 days later that I got a phone call from the man that had previously and so quickly shut me down to what I felt like God was speaking so loudly to me about.

That man told me yes, a simple three letter word, YES, put such excitement in my heart and I legitimately cried happy tears! That yes was what I had prayed about! That yes was God telling me “You CAN do this!”

From that day on, there have been multiple phone calls, an endless amount of meetings, and an email thread that I have lost count of.  But one thing that there hasn’t been, were any concerns, or worries even. Overall, it has been very peaceful. I find myself second-guessing thinking, Oh gosh, it’s about to get crazy, or I know things are gonna be so busy now I hope I can do all of this… And then I have to just stop and tell myself everything is going to be just fine, and that God is in control. I have to remind myself that He led me here for a reason, and I know that He will be there by my side through it all.

On July 2, 2018 my dream officially became a reality! The Industry Salon was announced via social media, the website was released, and I received so many unbelievably encouraging phone calls, texts and comments via Facebook and Instagram. Here we are now about seven months in, and although the building process is not exactly where I had thought it was going to be (insert laugh here), I have enjoyed the process. I have enjoyed picking out interior wall colors, flooring, lighting, etc. I have enjoyed the experience, and I am embracing the journey it took me to get here. I am in hopes and prayers that we will be open by June, possibly sooner.

If you have read all the way down to this part, I want to first say thank you. Thanks for letting me share this journey with you, and thank you for letting me showcase how incredibly amazing our God is. I would like to ask you all to pray, to pray for the success of this dream, and to most importantly, ask you to hold me accountable in operating this in a way that gives glory to HIM. 💜





    1. My dearest Candance,

      I’m extremely proud of you, and I know that there is one particular angel up in heaven that is smiling big. You have proven to be a godly woman not only by the words you speak , but by your actions and the path of righteousness that you choose to walk on. Congrats again to you, and your beautiful family. I hope you know that this is truly genuine how I feel about you. ☺️❤️


  1. Candace you are and have always been an amazing woman, wife and mother. I am so excited for you, your business and family! God is good- all of the time. Our flesh gets a hold of us often and at times can easily pull us from God- “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” Phil 3:14


  2. To my best friend the Entrepreneur,

    I can not even begin to explain to you how proud I am of your hard work and drive. You set a goal to follow your dream, and you did just that. You pushed through all the obstacles and challenges. You inspire me every day by watching how hard you work being mom, wife and now a Small Business Owner! I know it can be hard those early mornings and long hours, but it all paid off. You just keep excelling and it shows me and our girls how amazing you really are. I can’t wait see how far you go! I also can’t wait to be by your side every step of the way, cheering you on.

    Love you my Angel! Congratulations!


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